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Slammer is a set of wargame rules for Science Fiction skirmish games using miniatures. Slammer is not tied to any specific background or company product line, use whatever figures or models you have.
I intended from the start that Slammer would be flexible and adaptable to different scenarios. I have intentionally kept it fairly 'loose', particularly in areas like troop motivation and Hollywood heroics. Slammer is meant to be fun! We use miniatures on the table top to represent men, women and bug eyed monsters who might well be scared or heroic, angry or bored, professional or just hungry, above all they are unpredictable. When you play Slammer, occasionally try to see things through your troops eyes. They are more than just disposable weapons delivery systems, even the bug-eyed monsters!

Slammer is an ongoing project, it seems I add something or try to make existing rules clearer each time I look at it. If (or when) you come across a rule or statement that seems strange or unclear, if it's not covered in the design notes send me an e-mail. I will reply and try to explain or clarify my intentions. I may also include it in the design notes or update rules to cover it. If you disagree with something in Slammer and have an alternative, try it and let me know how it works.
If you have any comments or suggestions, you can e-mail them to; Chris Nicole.

Slammer is written by Chris Nicole with contributions and reality testing by Alex Nicole. It was playtested by members of Humberside Wargames Society and the Society of Fantasy & Science Fiction Wargamers; Game Design Study Group. Additional playtesting and comments in the designers notes were supplied by Tom Pope.
The cover art is by Travis Tom. If you would like to see more of his work, he has a design company here :

There is an informal, free e-mail discussion list for Slammer at Yahoo Groups, this includes updates on changes or additions to the rules, example scenarios, army lists, playtest queries and links to interesting sites.
It also includes a public archive of the Slammer digests. Slammer Archive.

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updated 25 November 2004 .

Slammer Rules are downloadable as MS Word 7.0, or
Adobe Acrobat pdf documents:
Slammer on-line is the most current version.

Slammer has been influenced in approach, ideas, style and game mechanisms by many other authors. Some game designers and rulesets I particularly admire and recommend include:

Phil Barker and Richard Bodley-Scott; De Bellus Antiquatus (DBA),
Hordes of the Things.
Chip & Curtis (Chipco); Fantasy Rules!
Matthew Hartley; Riot,
Tusk I, II & III.
Arnold Hendrick; Grav Armor.
Steve Jackson; Car Wars,
Ogre / GEV / Battlesuit
The Fantasy Trip, Melee / Wizard,
Jon Tuffley; Dirtside,
Full Thrust,
Star Grunt,
Jim Webster; Hell and Fatefull Decisions.
and not forgetting Hollywood..

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