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A civilised autocracy centred on the city of Alexan in the eastern plains. The folk of Alexan are chiefly of the Sun People. They share language, origin and many aspects of their culture with the folk of the Loran Federation and the Lascar Cities. Increasing numbers of refugees from the Toltac Empire have made their home in Alexan, causing concern to the more traditional elements of Alexan society, whilst providing a plentiful source of cheap, willing labour.

The Alexandran state comprises of the following cities and provinces;
Alexan; the fortress city and capital.
Latra and Helan; the settled heartland of the nation and main suppliers of food and grain.
Baracus; port and naval base in the delta.
Arcona and Gellain; frontier provinces, unsettled and disputed with the Toltacs.
Agade, A fortress built to control the northern approach to Alexan.
The forest province of Huldre, though claimed by Alexan is effectively independent.
The former Alexan province of Cassandar is currently occupied by the Toltacs and its city destroyed.

The Alexans are closely allied with the ancient city state of Necros. While not actually allied with the Dwarves, they share a common enemy and have been known to cooperate. They have been at war with the Toltacs almost since that nation first arrived in the land. The long standing rivalry between Alexan and Loran has reduced recently as each nation faces other threats.

The Alexans maintain a very competent standing army and navy as a permanent guard against the depradations of the Toltac empire to the north and their old rival in the west.

The Alexandrans are based rather loosely on early middle-eastern people like the Assyrians and Babylonians.

The Loran Federation

The Loran Federation is a group of allied city states under the nominal leadership of the city of Loran. The city folk of the Loran Federation are chiefly of the Sun People, descendants of a great migration nearly 400 years ago. The main calendar used is dated from the founding of the city of Loran.

The Loran Federation is greatly reduced from its former extent, when it founded most of the cities and provinces of the lowland plains. However the imperial tradition dies hard, Loran still lays claim to Alexan and the eastern provinces. The Federation faces increasing pressure from the barbarian nations on the northern and western borders. It maintains a loose alliance with the Kantaurs and has various trade agreements with the Hillfolk and Fishers. Loran has recently reached a peace settlement with the Thurians.

The Loran Federation includes the following cities and provinces:
Loran, the greatest city in the Land and traditional capital of the Sun People.
Corune, settled agricultural province in the fertile plains.
Tharn, horse trading town on the central plains.
Loftan, City and port was restored to Loran following the peace with Thuria.
The city of Peshtan is now controlled by the Thurians following a long siege.
Butaspar, second city and principal source of metal working was over run by the Hillfolk.
The coastal town of Tulan have been captured by the Thurians.

The armies of the Loran Federation are based around the Citizen spear units of the various cities, suplemented by tribal mercenaries from neighboring provinces. Each city contributes troops to the Federation field army.

The armies of the Loran Federation are based rather loosely upon early middle-eastern peoples like the Assyrians or Babylonians.

The Lascar City States

The Lascars are a group of four allied city states, on the central plains between the Loran Federation and the Alexandrans. The folk of the cities are mainly of the Sun People. They share much of their language, culture and origins with Loran and Alexan. Around the northern cities of Vale and Feldan there has been increasing settlement by Kantaur clans.

Lascar city is the capital and leading state of the Alliance.
The cities of Lascar, Naftan and Feldan control trade along the Lasa River. They have profited for many years on commerce between their powerful neighbours and have acted as a balance to maintain a stability in the Land.
The city of Vale on the upper Loran river was overrun and sacked by the Hillfolk.
The small town of Rhalspar was founded by merchants from Vale to trade with the Hillfolk. It is currently occupied by the Hillfolk after been taken over by a renegade Kantaur.
The town of Velixian revolted against the Lascars and is currently occupied by the Alexandrans.

The Toltac Empire

The Toltac Empire is a tribal coalition bound together by the magician priests of the Toltac Fire Temple. The Toltac empire comprise the folk of several related tribes known as the corn or maize people, as well as subject peoples from Toltac conquests in the Land. The maize people first started to appear in the Land nearly two hundred years ago. Their initial settlements in Chakris and around Toltorac were fairly peaceful. They had a well developed agricultural system and were able to trade and co-operate with the neighbouring peoples.

Around eighty years ago, a second wave of maize people burst through Chakris out onto the plains. These were led by the Toltac Fire cult. In six years of savage fighting, they took over or destroyed all the existing maize people settlements and attacked neighbouring provinces, capturing and destroying the Alexandran city of Karlak. The Toltac city of Artaxa is built on the site of Karlak.

Recently the Toltacs formed an alliance with the Kantaurs against the Dwarves. The campaign has resulted in the complete extermination of the Northern Dwarves and the occupation of their former homeland.

The Toltac state is made up of the following cities and provinces:
Toltorac; holy city of the empire and site of the True Fire Temple.
Artaxa; a fortress city in the eastern grassland, currently occupied by the Kantaurs.
Chakris; tribal homeland of the maize people, on the eastern tundra.
The former Necrotian province of Khorn on the Tefi river, captured and occupied by the Toltacs.
Ipaxa; craft settlement in the hills. Ipaxa was returned to the Toltacs in the peace settlement with the Alexans. A small Alexan garrison continues to reside at Ipaxa.
Toltac garrisons occupy the former Dwarven provinces of Huxana and Vafnir.
The mountain province of Vilyec has seen much fighting recently and is currently occupied by the Kantaurs.
Cassandar; a former Alexandran city and province, razed by the enemy and rebuilt by the Toltacs. Cassandar is currently occupied by the Dwarves.
The plains provinces of Gellain and Arcona are currently disputed with the Alexandrans.

The Kantaur Horse Clans

The Kantaur tribal homeland is on the tundra of Yedan. Encroaching glaciers and harsher winters have driven the Kantaur further south each year. Many clans now live permanently on the central plains and some clans have taken service with the folk of the Lascar Cities. Military campaigns by the Loran Federation and increasing pressure from the Hillfolk have driven most of the Kantaurs from the western plains round Darok.

Kantaurs on the eastern plains have captured and settled the Toltac city of Artaxa.
The old Alexandran border fort of Tia and the bandit kingdom of Badabascar are ruled by the Kantaurs.
The recent alliance with the Toltacs against the Dwarves resulted in the capture of Vilyec, Huxana and Hibraxia.

The Mountain Dwarves

The Dwarves are a near-human race dwelling in the mountain regions of the Land. Traditionally the Dwarven nation is made up of seven clans or tribes. The Dwarves are one of the oldest races in the Land and predate Humanity by several thousand years. Despite their long history, the Dwarves are not widespread. Small settlements are located throughout the mountains, but most of them are long abandoned, their ores and minerals worked out centuries ago. In some areas old Dwarven strongholds have been re-used by other races. This has led to conflict, as the Dwarves never give up anything freely.

The Dwarves tend to be very self centred and have little to do with other races or nations, except where these intrude on Dwarvish interests. The Toltac settlement of Vilyec led to bloody war. The Toltacs do not consider Dwarves to be people and will kill any Dwarf they find. This has led to some Dwarves regarding all humans as enemies.

The unholy alliance of the Toltacs and Kantaurs has driven the Dwarves from their homeland Huxana. This province is occupied by the enemy.

Currently the Dwarves occupy the mountain province of Gundara and the plains town of Cassandar.
Isolated Dwarven strongholds may still be located in Thuria, Badabascar and Noon, but these provinces are controlled by other races.
The Dwarves war against the Ice Folk ended with the capture of Hibraxia and Vafnir. Though the settlements were uneasy and prone to revolt. Following the Toltac / Kantaur invasion these provinces were lost.

The Hillfolk

The Hillfolk are of the Orcish race occupying strongholds in the western mountains beyond Kormtan. Their origins are obscure, having settled in the Land long before the arrival of the Sun People. Initially they were widespread in a multitude of small tribes, clans and family groups. With few permanent settlements, they were mostly driven from the plains by the incoming city builders.

A Kantaur attempt to subjugate the Hillfolk province of Kottover was defeated after a long struggle. Individual Hillfolk clans made sporadic raids onto the plains, but swift reprisals from the Kantaurs or city folk tended to discourage more ambitious forays. With little craft or technology of their own, the Hillfolk have learnt from their conquerors and are now making a comeback.

The Hillfolk homeland is in the mountain province of Noon, in addition they occupy the hill province of Kottover. The Loran founded town of Kormtan is controlled by the Hillfolk of the surrounding country. The Lascar town of Rhalspar, overlooking the great plain, was overrun by the Hillfolk. The great Loran city of Butaspar was destroyed by a massive Hillfolk army supported by Thuria and the Lascars. Recently Hillfolk warbands have raided as far as the walls of Loran itself. and captured the Lascar city of Vale.

Thuria and the Fishers

Following the collapse of the Fisher kingdom, Thuria has become the most influential force in the area. The Thurians are a mountain people who took over the territory of the Fishers. Thuria is a mountain province on the south western border of the Land. It's inhabitants are wild tribes of men, orcs, saurians and goblins, plus a few smaller clans of Trolls and Gargoyles. The Gargoyles provide Thuria with a rudimentary airforce.

Remnants of the Fisher army now look to Thuria for leadership. They are a confederation of barbarian tribes occupying the wilder areas of south west Loran. One unusual feature of the Fishers is their multi-racial make-up. Mainly human forest tribes, the Fishers include groups of Reptilemen, Orcs and Goblins, as well as a few weirder forest inhabitants.

Their main homeland is in the mountains of Thuria and the great forest of Dihad, from where they control the adjacent provinces of Peshtan, Gob and Tulan. A Thurian fleet attacked the islands of the Sea People and captured the pirate town of Ferris.

The Sea People

A new race in the Land. The island homes of the Sea People appeared in the southern ocean following winter storms. The Sea People's home lands are the islands of Pharos and Ennis as well as the city of Ysane. The Sea People have made their presence felt by raiding coastal provinces and up the main rivers. They have captured the cities of Baracus and Necros, and attacked other provinces. Recently they captured the forest province of Huldre from the Alexans.

Necros, the City of Bone

The city of Necros is located in the foothills of the Gundara mountains at the mouth of the Tefi river. The present city predates any other surviving human settlement by at least eight hundred years and is built on the ruins of a much older city of unknown origin. The inhabitants of Necros are best known for their ability with magic. Almost all the great magicians of the Land were trained within the labyrinthine passages and dark cults of the city. Its power is respected even by the Fire Temple in Toltorac. The land surrounding the city is covered with graves and tombs, Necros is sometimes called the city of Bone. The Necrotians do not eat potatoes.

The province of Khorne was subject to Necros and provided for the more mundane needs of the inhabitants. The Necrotians were closely allied with the Alexandrans for many years. They trade with Loran and the Lascars and employed Dwarven mercenaries from Gundara.

Minor Nations


The Sons of Hantak were a powerful group of rebel Kantaurs, who occupied the province of Tia. The reason for their split from the Kantaurs is unknown, but may involve General Trasbat's moves against the Lascar Cities. Many Kantaur clans on the central plains had established trade links with the City folk and would have had cause to resent the disruption. The Hantarii were driven from Tia up to Yedan were they were destroyed by the Kantaurs and Hillfolk.


The Firvolag are a tribal coalition formed from rebellious elements of the Thurian and Loran nations. The rebellion is said to have started when general TiJean led the Thurian fleet into the great forest of Dihad and declared herself Queen of the Forest. She was soon joined by hothead elements of the local Fisher populace who like a good lark and saw an opportunity for loot.

At around the same time General Herod was besieged in the neighbouring city of Loftan having rebelled against the Loran Federation, He promptly declared his allegiance to the Forest Queen, much to the surprise of his followers and local townsfolk.

The Fishers

The Fishers were a group of tribes occupying the wilder areas of south west Loran. Following their defeat by the Loran Federation, the Fisher Kingdoms were taken over by the Thurians. One unusual feature of the Fishers is their multi-racial make-up. Mainly human forest tribes, the Fishers include groups of Reptilemen, Orcs and Goblins, as well as a few weirder forest inhabitants. (e.g. Queen TiJean)

Their main homeland is in the great forest of Dihad, from where they traditionally harass the adjacent provinces of Peshtan, Gob and Tulan.

The Ice Folk

Little is known of the Ice Folk, inhabitants of the frozen waste around Hibraxia and Vafnir. Their kingdom was destroyed and occupied by the Dwarves. Folowing the Toltac and Kantaur war against the Dwarves, remnants of the Ice Folk rose against their former masters to hunt down the few Dwarven survivors.

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