Chris Nicole

My name is Chris Nicole. I live with my lovely wife Jenny in Hull, England. I was born in the East Riding and have lived here most of my life. Jenny came up to Hull University from Gloucester and stayed here.
For most of my working life I've been usefully employed in Local Government. Currently I work for Kingston upon Hull City Council.
Outside of work I have a few interests to occupy my spare time. Since marrying Jenny, I've taken up DIY and acquired an impressive set of power tools. We moved house last year and now have gardens and a small pond to look after as well as the house. There isn't a room left in our house that doesn't have a new set of shelves filled with stuff (mostly books).
Jenny is crafty and constantly produces amazing stuff. Lately I've returned to N-gauge model railways, I have plans!

My websites
I spent most of my youth (i.e. upto my 40's) wargaming, roleplaying and model making. I still have a weighty hoard of unpainted white-metal, as well as a few small armies of treasured figures and quite a lot of rulebooks. As well as playing games, acquiring figures, rules, models etc. I also wrote SLAMMER a set of wargame rules for Sci-Fi skirmish games, game-mastered The Fantasy Trip role-play, ran a PBM Umpire/HOTT fantasy wargame campaign and developed a couple of rule sets for WW1 Aeroplane and Star Wars star fighter wargames.

Slammer Skirmish - Fast action SF skirmish wargame rules
Slammer is a set of wargame rules for Science Fiction skirmish games using miniatures. Slammer is not tied to any specific background or company product line, you can use whatever figures or models you have. I intended from the start that Slammer would be flexible and adaptable to different scenarios. I have intentionally kept it fairly 'loose', particularly in areas like troop motivation and Hollywood heroics. Slammer is meant to be fun!
We use miniatures on the table top to represent men, women and bug eyed monsters who might well be scared or heroic, angry or bored, professional or just hungry, above all they are unpredictable. When you play Slammer, occasionally try to see things through your troops eyes. They are more than just disposable weapons delivery systems, even the bug-eyed monsters! Slammer is an ongoing project, it seems I add something or try to make existing rules clearer each time I look at it.

Slammer Skirmish

Fokker Fodder
Rules for dogfights with World War One model aeroplanes.
Original rules created by Les Ward, developed by Chris Nicole, demonstrated and played by Humberside Wargames Society *. These rules work for one off multi-player games and/or for extended campaigns as player pilots survive and improve their skills.
Free download.

Fokker Fodder

Dragon Fight - A Game of Dragons!
Rules for a table-top game for 2-6 players featuring combat between Dragons (and other fliers).
Original rules created by Chris Nicole. The first edition of Dragon Fight was derived from Fokker Fodder and used squares for movement. I think it worked as a game, but it didn't do all I wanted.
This edition is a bit more experimental and still in development.
Free download.

Dragon Fight

TFT Codex 2000
A Compendium of Resources for The Fantasy Trip ™, an exceptional fantasy role playing game. The Fantasy Trip (TFT) was created in the late 70's by Steve Jackson and Metagaming. It was hugely innovative and influential but it practically disappeared when Metagaming went bust. However loyal fans worldwide continue to play and develop TFT. This site includes links and resources.

TFT Codex 2000

The Loran Campaign
Background info on "The Land", the world setting for our role-play and fantasy wargames.
The Land started back in the late 70's as a Chivalry and Sorcery campaign between myself, my brother Alex (patron of the Alexan nation) and a few of our school friends. It evolved through various other role-playing systems as a background for adventures. It is now the setting for our Fantasy Trip role-play games.
The Land was also used for a PBM Umpire tabletop wargame campaign. Each player controled a nation along with it's cities, provinces and armies. The wargame campaign ran from 1994 until recently, with monthly turns, wars, alliances, battles, plagues and assassinations. Cities were founded, be-seiged and pillaged, provinces were occupied, rebelled, liberated and re-occupied. Players left the game and new players took over their nations, old players came back. The campaign is on hiatus at the moment, but it may come back or start up again some day.
The Land

Guinea pigs
If you've visited my web site before, you might be wondering what happened to the guinea pigs?
Whiskey, Brandy and Piper were loved and cared for, they consumed vast amounts of fresh veg and lived out happy guinea piggy lives. I miss them all but I don't think I will have pets again.

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